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1. The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. 

synonyms: motive, motivation, grounds, cause, occasion, reason, point, basis, justification,  

(verb)  formal

1. have as one's intention or objective 

synonyms: intend, mean, aim, plan, design,  

Today is March 8th- International Women's Day. What is a woman's purpose? I would argue (on behalf of and for myself personally), that it's to fall in love, get married, have kids, and keep a family thriving. I would also argue, equally importantly, it's to find her purpose.

How do we do this? I crosschecked 2 sources because- hey I have a life and not unlimited time here!- the dictionary (practical) and focusonthefamily.com (spiritual) for a couple of clues. First, I looked at the definition. Black and white: the reason you exist. Second, focus on the family's author Shana Schutte's suggestion: first, you listen.

Listen to your dissatisfaction,

listen to others,

listen to your gifts,

listen to your passion.

From there, survey your life. If everything is in alignment, good job! If not, it's time to clean house and reorganize your priorities. I, for one, want my purpose to align with God's purpose for my life. What can I do that will make the world a better place?  What have I been training for my whole life? Why are the people I love the most in my life and what can I do for them? There is no greater love than to lay your life down for a friend. Am I devoting my life to the right people? Am I devoting it to things or money or convenience? What can I do to turn my dissatisfaction into satisfaction?  As they say in essay questions, please be specific. Good luck and Godspeed. Keep working and praying to find that purpose and stay focused on it. God knew what he was doing when he created you. Now show him you love him by devoting your life back to him. You owe him everything because he gave you the gift of life.

Here are my recommendations: (that I'm giving to myself today- feel free to copy my paper like we're in 9th grade English class)

-See all the wonders of the world- even if they are only in your one-acre yard or small town which you have a love/loathe relationship with- especially after being in paradise for a week and noticing the scenery isn't all palm trees and ocean and sun and fun...sorry I'm in the grieving stages of vacation being over. 

-Eat all the fried avacado tacos and grilled corn on the cob with Mexican cojito cheese and cilantro. And then all the key lime pie. And the margaritas. 

-Read all the classic novels, self-help books, books turned movies, and. memoirs of the amazing people you love. Be inspired!

-Go outside for all the walks with your dogs or horses or whatever creature you want to walk with- maybe even your own family!

-Have all the fun at ALL the theme parks (WDW, Universal, Legoland, Waldameer, Cedar Point...you get the point.)

- Have all the hard, funny, and easy, philosophical, true, real, conversations.

-Give all the hugs and kiss ALL the babies.

 -Recieve all the love.

- Try to do all the (blah!) chores every day with a happy heart. This one is haaarrrddd. 

-Make all the fun money with your hobby. *win win!

-Pet all the puppies and kittens and appropriate zoo animals (with hand sanitizer of course).

-Smell all the smells (especially the bakery and pizza shop ones).

-Drink all the coffee with all the cream and sugar, especially if you're about to do a 30 day cleanse in which you have to give up everything you love in order to shrink your waist back down to a healthy human size.

-Buy all the goats and chickens (ok that was for my friend Jenny).

-Smile all the goofy, wrinkly-nosed smiles.

-Dance all the swing dances and/or choreographed dances from the 8th grade talent show that you and your friends still know and are happy to perform at all the bars in Key West.

 -Feel ALL the sunshine!!  No matter where you live!!

-Hear all the ocean waves and waterfalls and any other negative ion producing body of water. Aahhh. Homeostasis. 

-Meet all the amazing famous and not famous people who are behind the scenes- including (but not limited to) anyone who's ever worked with or won an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Peace Prize, Caldecott, Newberry, Olympic, or other metal, plaque, award or trinket. 

-Give all the unused clothes, appliances, toys, dishes, time or talent that you can give.

-Soak it all in!

This is your life. Your life begins every single day. It's yours to live fully. And remember to do it with joy as if God is watching. For the good of the group, I applaud you.  





Do all the things!  

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What's stopping you today? And why you should stay stuck sometimes.

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