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What's stopping you today? And why you should stay stuck sometimes.

What's stopping you today? And why you should stay stuck sometimes.

What's stopping me from writing today? Is it a lack of motivation? Is it having no direction? Is it not having enough practice or not having a way to put my words together the right way. There's so much technology to help me such as using my phone and my talk to text mode like I'm doing right now. I had a great idea for a song this morning.

*(Caution: run-on sentences ahead! This was a stream of consciousness spoken into my phone so it may be missing punctuation, grammar, and general good writing elements! Will edit at a later date.) 

I had an idea for a song and the chorus of the song would say "you've got to know somebody to get in." It would start from being born going through childhood getting married getting your first job getting a really good gig, getting into a club, getting into a festival, and then finally getting into heaven you've got to know somebody you have to know Jesus.


But I just can't bring myself to write this song I'm not sure why. I don't know if it aligns with my purpose or not. I'm not sure if it's just laziness? I'm so comfortable in my house right now. The dogs are sleeping on my bed the laundry is done the dishes are done my husband is at work my kids are at school.


I just feel very directionless sometimes but on the other hand I feel like everything is as it is as it should be. This is all I've ever wanted; to have a comfortable life, have a comfortable home: why would I change any of that with the song?


I don't know sometimes what my divine purpose is. My divine purpose probably aligns with music and song writing and singing and playing an instrument of some sort. But I struggle with which instrument which song am I the writer or am I just the singer or am I just the back up guitarist for the person singing the song. Am I just meant to be a fan?


I know these things for sure; I am a person with a good life I'm a wife a mother and a daughter a sister and a friend. I'm also a teacher I'm a learner I'm a Performer I'm a pleaser I'm a musician and a player I'm a Hall of Famer I'm a songwriter.


Maybe I'm just feeling a little bit lonely right now because everyone else is out in the world doing their thing. But I'm exactly where I want to be in a nice cozy house surrounded by beautiful things very comfortably sitting in a chair that I bought for myself.


So let's get started writing this song. I want you to know how to get in ; how to get it done; how to find success ; so let me tell you he start with the "want to" then you try something and decide what you love to do and you start to practice and learn how someone else does it right and you do with the way they did it until you can't do it their way anymore and you have to do your own way. Then you share that with the world because the world needs you to and someone's not doing their job so you step in for someone who stepped out and you become that thing that someone else needs that thing that you needed when you were younger or at some point in your life and then that person becomes inspired and they tag someone else to watch you and then everyone becomes inspired and they're all watching you and then someone thinks that you have something that they could use to help them out. So they ask you to be part of the project and you say yes because it's a big project and they knew someone that knew someone because they were good enough and worthy enough to do it. So now you're worthy and you do your job and you do it well and you rise to the occasion and you're grateful because you've been rewarded with recognition and you get to be associated with something wonderful that will live on forever or as long as humanly possible.


So everyone wants to know: how did you do it? how did you get paid to do this? And you just tell them that you wrote down your goal 10 years ago and you've been practicing for 10 years to get to this point and you and your heart open to anything to any possibility of something good. So something good came to you and you don't take credit for it you give the credit to your friends and ultimately you give the credit to the heavens and all that is good in the world because when you do something with an open heart and you do it because you love it the love comes back to you.


So that's why I want to write a song about you've got to know somebody to get in and I really feel like maybe it's you have to know yourself and what your heart is asking from you. And then you have to ask what is the good in the world what does Jesus want what does the good Lord in heaven want you to do because that's the connection that will get you there. So you have to know yourself to get to where you want to be I suppose and you have to be honest with yourself about what you want in your world and in your life and you can't make it something that it's not. So let's set our intentions to be true.


Maybe I just want a regular life of comfort and maybe that brings me joy. And maybe I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing and then it shouldn't be as hard as it is to break into whatever it is I think I need like the music, film, or entertainment industry.


Maybe just sitting back in gratitude is what I need to do today and then I'm OK with that because that feels like breathing that doesn't stress my heart and being grateful for what I have is all I need at this point.


gratitude = satisfaction (happiness)