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"Ode On A Coffee Urn"

"Ode On A Coffee Urn"

I was gifted a great book for Christmas this year by my bandmate Fred Parker.  It's called "Let It Out" and touches on taking just 3 minutes a day to start working on anything that your inner voice would scold you for.  After reading a few pages, I was inspired to take 3 minutes to write.  The book asked "What would you fight for?  What do you believe in?"---I immediately thought of coffee.  This 3 minutes turned into 2 hours of writing and revising from midnight until 2am and it flew by.  That's when you know you're doing something you love. Here's my take on the best part of the day, something I believe in.  I know it's not an altruistic notion or an honorable cause, but it's a part of my every day reality that I really embrace with all of my senses.  Enjoy!

Ode to Coffee

Lori Burke 12/26/16


How do you take your coffee, Dear?

Creamy or bittersweet?

Or earthy, bold, and roasted so 

to lift you off your feet? 


I take it in the morning, 

It's the first thing as I rise,

When all is as it should be

Not a thing is compromised.


The legend of the coffee bean

For centuries pursued 

Red berries plucked from sunny hills

Dried, roasted, ground and brewed


So padding down the hallway

Stretching slightly as I go

I rub my eyes and see it greeting me, 

the liquid gold 


I choose a favorite mug for

It could make or break the day

I set it on the counter 

Turning it the perfect way


I grab the sturdy handle

Lift the pot and scrape the glass

across the metal hot plate 

The squeak gives a bit of sass


And finally I pour a cup

Of hand selected Joe

The whoosh of liquid might just be

The best sound that I know


Then tiny bits of crystal 

From my teaspoon fall like sand

Serving soon to bite the bitter back

Just like a loyal friend 


And then I mix and master 

My own custom whitish-brown 

The velvet drops of milk and cream

delight both sight and sound


To nose it goes the steam and heat

Which warms me to my core

I breathe it in and taste the treat

Before it reaches shore 


And in the moment I am caught

And time must still for me

For somehow it has power 

To suspend reality 


And now just to a melting point

it takes me to the brink

To soften my sharp edges

Right here at the kitchen sink 


And as the first sip washes

O'er my tongue just like a wave

Crashing, splashing, down the waterfall

I suddenly am brave 


Oh, this initial sip of mine

The ghost of which I'll chase

A precious, plumb perfected 

dose of unrequited taste


Will serve to soothe and guide me

As the daily dirge arrives

its ebb and flow of duties

Which I hope to ride like tides 


So come sit down and share a cup

Of blessings with me now

How do I take my coffee Dear?

I take it here and now. 


"How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything"

"How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything"

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