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Musical Score for short digitally animated film "Left Behind"


I had a great opportunity to work with Michael Genz, formerly an animator for Disney Studios, on a film he made this spring 2018 using digital technology.  He brought the project to me asking for a whimsical sound which was charming, funny, warm, and had a Christmas feel.  I was totally in.  

I set to work on my home computer with Garage Band, feeling like I had a good handle on how it works.  I was able to take what he had animated and drop it into the program so that I could time the sequences of the character perfectly with the music.  I used several instruments for this piece including marimba, clarinet, trombone, tuba, clave, castanets, and of course, jingle bells!

I took me about 6-8 hours to work on the piece and it was so much fun getting to choose the instruments, the tempo, the melody, and the sound effects.  I ordered my first midi keyboard in order to play around with the musical instruments and percussion.  Its and Akai LPK25 wireless model which cost about $75 and was well worth it.  It allowed me to change the octave of the sounds, arpeggiate if I wanted to, and I could pair the bluetooth to my computer.  It's going to be really enjoyable using the midi on projects from now on!  

Michael came over yesterday to check the finished product and absolutely loved it.  I was paid handsomely for my work and felt really accomplished yesterday.  This is the kind of work I'd love to do more of in the future!! Please send more my way if you're reading this. 

I plan to go to Point Park in Pittsburgh to learn more about music production in the next few weeks.  Michael has been kind enough to introduce me to his friend and colleague Suzannah Enslow who is a sound engineer.  Fingers crossed that I get more opportunities in the future and perhaps end up working on a major animated motion picture in the future at Point Park!